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Horago on the Faroe Islands

September 28, 2020

Due to the threatening Covid-19 virus we must stand together all over the Kingdom of Denmark. As a result of this, Horago and SMS have collaborated to stand against Covid-19 and protect all inhabitants of the Faroe Islands. The large company SMS own several restaurants on the Islands. Horago has launched in both Angus Steakhouse (Torshavn, Klaksvik) and is ready to setup Hornid aswell.

Practice social distancing

As a result of the low population on the Island a Covid-19 outbreak could be fatal to the local venues. We want to prevent that by any means with our contactless ordering and payment.

Horago wants to help the Faroe Islands practice social distancing with digital menues and less contact with the waiters. Neatly designed place cards have been made specifically for Angus Steakhouse in their desired colours, to safely guide customers through ordering with Horago.

Horago revolutionises ordering food in the Faroe Islands.

Soon we hope to launch Horago in more venues of the Islands, and help raise the standards of food ordering as they know it. Horago is a ‘three in one’ solution with both inhouse, pickup and takeaway options. Fewer customers in one place results in lower risk of infection, but Horago will still maintain steady traffic. We expect to see an even better service from the waiters, as they now have better time to do individual tasks, and do not have to rush it due to lack of time by taking orders from customers.

It looks promising, as we already can see additional sales at Angus Steakhouse. We hope to return to the Islands again soon. We will continue to follow along and watch the development closely.

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