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How the food world is changing

November 02, 2020

Did you ever imagine a decade ago we would have a meal-kit delivery service? Nestlé bought a roughly 16% stake in the upstart in 2017 to “evaluate and test the burgeoning market,” in meal-kit preparation and delivery, the company said. The transaction will help it jump on the “new realities” taking shape in the U.S. food market following the coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

Horago can help your food delivery service by takeaway or pick up and go. Well, we all know take away services like UberEats,, GrubHub and so on. Many Horago restaurants offer takeaway services now through Horago and at a margin of the cost of those mentioned above. However, Horago is changing peoples- and restaurants dining habits with PICK UP and GO. Order on Horago, pay, walk down to your local restaurant, show your receipt and pick up your meal. Eat in your own home, relax and enjoy. Some restaurants are also offering meal kits like Freshly, so you go to the restaurant pick up your meal-kit, follow the instructions to become your very own gourmet chef. A great way to impress your better half too!

“Consumers are embracing e-commerce and eating at home like never before. It’s an evolution brought on by the pandemic but taking hold for the long term,” Nestlé USA Chief Executive and Chairman Steve Presley said.

By ordering your meal-kit with Horago, you get a proper, healthy meal with big variation in cuisines, ingredients and flavours, whilst supporting your local restaurant through tough times. Good food, good karma, ordered with ease! Bon Appétit!

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