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New NFC place cards has arrived!

September 04, 2020


Say goodbye to the old design!

and welcome to the new, clean, redesign of our place cards. Avoid scratch marks with the new matte overlay in darker colors. Incase it has to go onto  dark tables, we also have a design in light Horago colourway.

We’ve turned the card from vertical to horizontal as it helps to fit in more valuable information, such as our QR code that will redirect you straight to Horago in both Appstore and Google Play. This makes it really easy for anyone to quickly download the app, who has yet to try Horago.
The place cards also have an easy 3 step guide of how to order along with the 4-digit card number

The placecards have not just improved in design, but also introduce the modern NFC technology. Every placecard has a built-in NFC chip, so that you can just tap your phone on the card. The chips will be individually coded so that it directs any phone to your specific restaurant menu inside the Horago app. You can even tap our NFC cards from a locked phone screen. Never has it been easier nor faster to order and pay.

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  • mette hilbert 3 months ago

    that is super easy to use – just great

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