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Why you should always order with Horago

December 12, 2020

We know that bacteria can often be found on door handles, computer keyboards, toilet bowls, etc., but we often do not think about how bacteria can also settle on other everyday objects.

When we go out to eat, we pay close attention to whether the waiter sneezes over our food or coughs without covering their mouths. We also pay attention to watermarks on our cutlery or leftover food that are stuck on our table when we sit at the restaurant. But we have never really thought much about the menu. Think about it. The restaurants’ menus are handled daily by many people – both staff and guests. Many of them can be laminated, but how many of them are actually washed?

The restaurant’s menu can contain thousands of bacteria. How much?

According to a study, a menu card can contain 185,000 bacteria per square centimeters. As a reference to this, a public toilet has approx. 500-1,000 bacteria per square centimeters. That’s a big difference.

We often think of public restroom seats as incredibly dirty, but compared to many menu cards they are actually much, much cleaner. The solution?

Always remember to use Horago in the places that offer digital ordering. Not only is it easier, faster and more efficient – it is also MUCH more hygienic – but always REMEMBER to sanitize your phone.

If you can not use Horago, be sure to wash or disinfect your hands after touching the menu before eating your food – especially if it is finger food.

Do not leave your health to the cleaning staff at the restaurant. Be careful with items that are often handled by other hands throughout the day, and pay attention to when you should wash your hands.

As a starting point, ALL of Horago’s cafés and restaurants are aware of this – and that is WHY they also give all their guests the opportunity to order digitally from the guest’s own phone. All Horago places are also attentive to keeping an extremely clean and prober restaurant and make sure to always ensure its guests a both clean, and comfortable visit.

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