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Welcoming customers back in a COVID-19 world
January 13, 2021

How should your café or restaurant welcome customers when reopening becomes a reality? 2021 will be the year when ...

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Why you should always order with Horago
December 12, 2020

We know that bacteria can often be found on door handles, computer keyboards, toilet bowls, etc., but we often do not think abou ...

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How the food world is changing
November 02, 2020

Did you ever imagine a decade ago we would have a meal-kit delivery service? Nestlé bought a ro ...

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This App Could Save Restaurants
September 28, 2020

This App Could Save The Restaurat Industry From COVID-19  Disruption The world’s industries and its consumers cons ...

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Horago on the Faroe Islands
September 28, 2020

Due to the threatening Covid-19 virus we must stand together all over the Kingdom of Denmark. As a result of this, Horago and SMS have ...

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New NFC place cards has arrived!
September 04, 2020

  Say goodbye to the old design! and welcome to the new, clean, redesign of our place cards. Avoid scratch m ...

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