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How QR are changing the face of hospitality

March 18, 2022

If you want to keep up with the current development of technology and take advantage of the many benefits that come with using QR codes and digital ordering, then it's time to start considering how to use QR codes in your restaurant. Whether you hate them or love them, there are proven benefits to your particular restaurant, café, bar or hotel.

Here are 3 ways in which Horago's ordering and payment system can benefit your site:

1. Reduce staff costs

2. Improve personal service and guest experience

3. Increase revenue by up to 23%


First - What is a QR code and ordering system?

Horago's digital menu card is an additional option for guests to order and pay for their meals and drinks at restaurants, cafes and bars. Guests scan a QR code on the table. They are then brought directly to a digital version of the restaurants menu. From there, guests can order food and drinks directly from their phone.

All orders are sent to the bar and / or kitchen to the existing POS printers.

We work with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels. The benefits are well documented and obvious. In this post, we will review 3 benefits that Horago's ordering, and payment system can have for your establishment.

1. Save on labor costs

Operating costs are rising. There are rising food costs due to inflation and labor shortages, which are causing an increase in demand and hence costs. The only real solution is to raise prices to maintain margins, and focus on additional sales. While much of this is beyond the restaurant's control - there are a few ways your restaurant can combat this.

Work with smaller staff

Horago's ordering and payment system can greatly reduce your reliance on staff without compromising on great service. By allowing your guests to place their orders directly from their mobile devices, it saves a lot of time that staff would normally spend on taking orders. Likewise, guests pay directly from their phone, which eliminates the time walking around with a payment terminal or collecting cash. Together, this allows staff to function in a much more efficient way and covers more tables with less staff.

2. Improved guest experience and your servant's best friend!

Incredibly many of your guests would rather order and pay at their own pace. It directly helps to improve customer service both for themselves and the guests who want a waiter, as the staff now has more time available.

Reduce waiting times

With Horago's digital menu card, guests no longer have to wave a busy waiter down to the table to get another drink, nor do they need to wait for another table to be served, before they can pay the bill via card and payment terminal. People hate to wait ... for anything. And it makes sense. We are used to having every thing just a click away. We want the absolute best and fastest service and are willing to pay for it - just not to wait for it.


The longer a customer waits, the longer it takes for them to return to your restaurant to eat again. Eating guests would be less likely to return if they had experienced long waits. This not only affects the individual guest's experience, but at the sametime gives a domino effect of bad publicity to friends and family.


In short, people do not like to wait, and they do not have to. By using Horago's digital menu card, your restaurant can save lots of time and money by simply letting guests order and pay at their own pace.


3. Increase revenue by up to 23%

Horago's thousands of daily orders show additional sales on 42% of all orders, which makes it possible to increase revenue by as much as 23%. This is purely provable via data.

It's primarily due to strategic additions to the individual dishes and beverages as well as modern consumer behaviour. People just tend to spend more money when ordering or buying from their phones. By setting up possible add-ons to the dish or drink, it gives the guest a chance to really personalise their order, all this while the order gets significantly increased. Who would not want extra cheese on the burger or peanuts for their draft beer?

Did you know that in e-commerce, proposed additions can account for up to 31% of sales? Ordering and paying for food and drinks via Horago's digital menu card is no different. With digital orders, you can be sure that additions will help generate incremental revenue.