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Your customers trust your recommendations. Join Horago Partner Program today and earn cash for every referral that turns into a Horago Restaurant Partner. There are no limit on how many referrals you can make - or how much you can earn.

€200 per sale

Partner benefits

Your customers trust you recommendations

Do you already have a network in the F&B industry? Or maybe you work as a sales rep for a suppler to F&B operators? Create an extra income stream by recommending Horago to your network or clients and earn €200 for every referral that leads to a new Horago Restaurant Partner.

Bring your network more value

Horago is the one-stop solution for the F&B industry. Helping businesses take back control by combatting staff shortage, food waste & high takeaway fees.
With Horago, F&B operators take back control all the way from table booking, dine-in app ordering, takeaway & customer feedback - all in one beautiful platform.

Enjoy complete transparency

After submitting your referrals information, you will be able to track the progress, get real-time updates and even participate in the demoes to make sure we take good care of the people you care about.

Become a Horago Hero

Horago is a tech business that is changing the face of the hospitality industry. As a hospitality student or industry sales rep you can play a role in how technology is changing the industry while getting paid for it. It is a flexible job as there are no working hours.

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