The Product

The process is simple

Showing the tap nfc card to open Horago app.

Browse the menu

Customers simply tap the NFC integrated table card presented at the table. When Horago pops up they can with ease browse your entire menu, see your specials and even request a waiters help at the table.

Illustration of the payment with Horago.

Order & Pay

Ordering has never been easier. Customers simply add their favorite items to the order. Horago will make sure to ask the same questions as your staff. Payment is completed with a few taps using card- or wallet payment.

Showing how a Horago order is printed.

Prepare & Serve

Our sophisticated technology makes sure your food is printed in the kitchen and the drinks in the bar. The only thing you need to care about is preparing, serving and making sure customers are having the time of their lives.

Make data-driven decisions

Understand what customers really want

Get a better understanding of your entire business with in-depth insights and reporting all in one place.

Update your menu in seconds

Change your menu all you want without the need to print new ones.

Get in-depth understanding

Use our data tools to understand and improve your business.
Showing the Horago Dasboard data center.