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This App Could Save Restaurants

April 3, 2021

The world’s industries and its consumers constantly demand innovation and convenience, and this demand arguably intensifies amidst an international crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Horago is one such innovation that delivers not only convenience but also a safer way of doing business in these challenging times.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, consumer demand combined with intense competition among businesses, led to unprecedented amenity and ease for consumers, particularly since the emergence of smartphone apps, which can provide almost anything one could wish for at the touch of a button.

Few industries have been left untouched since this technological revolution. The hospitality and food & beverage industries are no exception. They have been transformed by the everyday use of digital applications to facilitate transactions.

A plethora of such apps exist to support businesses in the food & beverage and hospitality spaces. Horago is one such app that rightfully declares itself as the ‘new standard in the hospitality industry.’

Since its inception, Horago has impressed owners of SMEs and large corporations with its intuitive design and simplicity, but it’s amidst the challenges presented by the battle against COVID-19, where Horago arguably shines more than ever.

Read on to find out why your hospitality or food & beverage business needs Horago now more than ever.

  • What Is Horago?
  • Features of Horago
  • How Horago Can Help Businesses During The COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Conclusion – Why Your Food & Beverage Business Needs Horago Now

What Is Horago?

Horago is an app that delivers an intuitive platform for businesses to delight customers who can easily place orders, pay, and request waiter/waitress assistance from their table while dining.

Traditionally, diners would enter a restaurant, be seated by a host or hostess, study the menu for a period and then summon a server to take orders. Horago positively disrupts this age-old pattern by enabling customers to view the menu before they even reach the venue and place orders at their table without having to wait for a server to arrive.

The convenience for the customer offered by Horago is advantageous to businesses as food, and other services can be delivered more efficiently, and pressure on staff is alleviated somewhat.

What’s more is that Horago offers restaurants and other establishments the ability to engage patrons and build long-lasting relationships with buyers. It does this by providing marketing insights to proprietors through real-time data collection, to improve services and develop promotions.

Features of Horago

Horago’s value proposition is the interactive and convenient ordering experience it provides for restaurant customers. In turn, Horago cleverly collects data about customer behaviour to enable establishments to deliver what customers truly want and increase sales and profits as a result.

Unrivalled Data Collection: Horago collects invaluable marketing information in real-time, enabling businesses to understand their customers better. The data Horago collects is not limited to a single establishment; it allows for data comparisons across Horago’s extensive network of food & beverage establishments.

Targeted Marketing to Turbo-Boost Sales: By collecting relevant data across its network and within individual establishments, Horago’s business users delight customers with highly personalised offers, thereby increasing sales and driving up profits. It’s a win-win for consumers and proprietors.

Digitised Menus and Interactivity: Venues can digitise their menus with Horago. It is possible to easily adjust hours of business and special offers according to Horagos management setup and personalized features. Every feature in Horago is adjustable to fit every restaurants needs.

How Horago Can Help Businesses During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Data collection and targeted marketing aside, Horago’s capabilities offer a beacon of hope to businesses hit hard by Coronavirus and government-imposed restrictions.

At this present time, people all over the globe are understandably alarmed by COVID-19, which features almost exclusively as the focus of the word’s media reports. Where cafes and restaurants are open, people approach dining with trepidation as concerns about transmission of the virus weighs heavily on the minds of consumers.

People don’t want to dine out when contact with a menu printed on laminated cardboard could potentially transmit the virus. People don’t want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers at a bar during a global pandemic. People don’t want to pass cash or a credit card to a restaurant server if it means there’s an increased risk of passing on a virus.

Yet, despite all this, people crave the joy and pleasure that dining out with family brings. Similarly, food & beverage businesses are eager to get back to doing what they do best – delighting the customers through delicious food, refreshing beverages and quality dining experiences. Both patrons and restaurateurs await the easing of restrictions such as ‘social distancing’ so that life can get back to the normality once enjoyed by many.

The good news is diners and proprietors may not have to wait at all as Horago offers consumers and food & beverage businesses the chance to get closer to ‘normal’ than would otherwise be possible during this pandemic.

Horago minimises the need for customers to come into contact with servers and other restaurant staff, and it also eliminates the need to handle physical menus, which can potentially transmit viruses. Through digitised menus accessed on smartphones and its contactless order placing system, Horago enables customers to order food and drink without the need to be near a staff member and without the need to pick up anything which has been handled by others without being washed.

When a customer places an order on Horago, bar and kitchen staffs are alerted, and they set about preparing the order. Once completed, the order can then be left in a collection area by using the feature “counter pick-up” or simply being served at the table so that the customer can maintain a safe distance from hardworking staff. Furthermore, once the customer has finished a tasty meal, they can simply get up and leave since payment swiftly, safely and securely has been made via Horago without the need to handle cash or pass notes and coins to a cashier.

By helping to maintain ‘social distancing’ and by reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19, while still offering convenience through mobile technology, Horago offers hope to restaurateurs who are likely to feel the effects of the pandemic for some time to come. In places where restaurants are open, but a lack of footfall has impacted businesses amidst widespread public concern, Horago can restore confidence and provide the safety that both hospitality industry workers and restaurant patrons need. In this sense, it is not hyperbolic to say that Horago could potentially save an entire industry during a very challenging time for businesses and consumers.

Conclusion – Why Your Restaurant Business Needs Horago Now

At the best of times, a business in the food and hospitality industry must be competitive by delivering quality food with excellent service to customers. Horago allows restaurants to do just that. Through its data collection capabilities and targeted marketing functions, Horago is an indispensable tool that lets caterers entice and delight their customers with ease.

Now, arguably more than ever, your business needs Horago not only to deliver a first-class customer experience but also to restore people’s confidence when it comes to dining out and being in public. Horago’s contactless system and intelligent use of mobile technology keep customers and restaurant staff safer by reducing the risk of viral transmission, which may occur through close contact with others.

Once governments lift restrictions, and once effective treatments have been secured, it will still take time for people to feel safe again. Horago is the remedy to that problem for the food and beverage and hospitality industries. Horago offers convenience, innovation and security to diners and those in the food & beverage industry during these tough times and beyond. Your food & beverage business needs Horago now.